Written by Lori Shecter

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Oh, I know we are supposed to do it: Post, Like, Locate, Tweet, Twit, Hoot, Toot, Text, dy Mark, Blink List (no, I never heard about that either), and actually, at last count, there were over 360 Book Mark and share widgets to get my message out to all possible buyers, sellers, purveyors and commenters (**Add to Wikipedia-- those who comment on blogs, which is different than a commentator -- those who actually have something knowledgeable to say about a subject) of whatever wares or sustenance I may be wanting to sell. But the truth is: Do I really have to Tweet about the last time I decided that Rolaids were better than Pepto? Do you care? Or better yet, is it really necessary to take a Crack Berry into the Ladies in order to grab that extra 5 minutes into my work day in order to make sure that we've achieved our social media goals? I mean, really? (I don't jest.)

For everyone who believes that social media is free, easy, anyone can do it, AND it will build your business, HEY, I've got a plot of land I can sell you. Of course it can, it might, and sometimes it does. But it does take planning, thought and TIME. Not sure how you count your hours, but even one hour during the day in my life must be split between delivering a product...or working with social media. I guess I am a little tired of hearing the same story over and over again about how this is a must, MUST, MUST for every young, old, new and established business owner or corporation out there in order to grow and multiply as God and Capitalism intended. Please tell me if I am the ONLY one that feels this way. Actually, I find it so exciting and wonderful when I can actually talk to a human being on the phone or in person to get the customer service that I need.

This is probably very strange coming from the CEO of a tech company, but we find most of our clients would rather talk to us and meet us in person than Tweet, Text, Like...well, you get the picture. Well, as they say, every action has an opposite and equal re-action. I am not hoping for the stone age to come again, but hey, using the phone for talking, not having 1000 emails to go through with a 4000 email inbox, or hearing about how "an image of Jesus showed up on a Walmart Receipt" in my corporate Twitter account (yes, a Tweet from a fellow agency). is not exactly moving the needle backward.

Anyway, I've got to go tweet this. Later.